The Smart Technics team

Today, we have about 40 employees and we are still growing! Together, we share a great passion for innovation, and we have the necessary expertise in AI, robotics, logistics engineering, software development, product recognition, digital twin and project management. We regularly gain a lot of new knowledge by testing new technology in our own test facilities and work closely with our partners, suppliers and various knowledge institutions.

Our Values

Just like in a big family, we do not all carry out the same activities in the Colruyt Group. Nevertheless, we all sing from the same song sheet and speak with one voice, thanks to a strong common identity. This translates into one mission statement and nine values in which all store formulas, brands and services can recognise themselves.

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Our Mission & Vision

Smart Technics was created in June 2020 and grew out of the DNA of the Colruyt Group. The core business of this innovative start-up is to act as a gateway for everything that has to do with automation and digitalisation of the full supply chain (from farm to fork), both inside and outside the Colruyt Group.

In this, we distinguish 3 different business segments:


Sustainable Entrepreneurship

Sustainable entrepreneurship runs like a thread through all our projects. We put a lot of research and resources into this.

Technology is also a means to an end for us. That is why we are happy to do our bit, for example, by using automation to pay more attention to the ergonomics of employees or by applying an ecosystem approach on all projects.

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