Sustainable and innovative business throughout the entire supply chain.

Supply chain goes beyond shops and distribution centres. Also in food production and agriculture, it is important to look at the latest technology and application areas to work together towards a more sustainable world.

At Smart Technics we like to do our part by investing in technology or projects that focus on the latest techniques of indoor and offshore farming or CO2 capture.

Offshore farming
Indoor farming
CO2 captatie


Sea Farm

Smart Technics manages various projects such as vertical farming and aquaculture at sea for, among others, the Colruyt Group. It is under this last activity that Smart Technics takes on the project and offshore operational management for Sea Farm Westdiep.

Sea Farm Westdiep is the first commercial sea farm off the Belgian coast. It was established in 2021 and will start cultivating Belgian mussels. The first products will be on sale in 2023. At the same time, the feasibility of cultivating oysters and seaweed is being investigated.

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Vertical or Indoor Farming

At Colruyt Group, we designed and built our own vertical farm. With a sustainable approach. Thanks to technology, the light, air humidity, temperature, water supply and composition of the soil are regulated in different layers one above the other in an enclosed space.

In this way, the plants receive tailor-made nutrients, and the surplus is even recycled. In this way, we save 50%. On the other hand, a vertical farm uses up to 90% less water than conventional cultivation. And we don’t use any pesticides. But the biggest advantage of all is that we need up to 20 times less space for the same amount of plants than traditional cultivation. This saves a lot of agricultural and natural land.

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CO2 capture thanks to reforestation initiatives

The climate is changing rapidly, and emissions need to be addressed. Technology and innovation also play an important role in this, in order to actively reduce CO2 emissions together with society.

At Smart Technics we research the latest technology and concepts allowing us to manage our natural resources more sustainably, but also to actively reduce emissions over time. This is how we invest in the future, together!

Knowing that technology still has its limits, we took the initiative together with Colruyt Group to plant some 12 million trees in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Because a worldwide problem calls for united forces! With the involvement of the local population, we will start planting on a massive scale in 2022 and in this way help the Colruyt Group to become climate-neutral step by step. Smart Technics coordinates and manages the project from A to Z.

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