The 24/7 self-service store!

Are you looking for an automated shop or company canteen?
Retail is in our blood. As a young start-up, we grew out of the DNA of the Colruyt Group and therefore have the necessary in-house knowledge to design, build and test concepts in live environments where the end customer is always put central.

With these solutions, we extend the range of shop concepts. It becomes possible to be available 24/7 without having to provide a permanent presence of shop personnel. This creates the opportunity to develop new profitable shopping formulas. Also for the customer it becomes a new shopping experience with increased convenience: waiting at the checkout can become a thing of the past.



Smart Fridge / Rack

No more queues. Checkout immediately after taking the desired product. It is possible with the compact Smart Fridge solution! The only thing you need is one or more plug and play fridges (choice between cooled or non-cooled systems are possible). These can be installed with an integrated payment system or a separate stand alone cash register system.

Our solution creates a pleasant and efficient shopping experience for your customer in compact shop environments. Different locations lend themselves easily for this, ranging from small shops, a company canteen, a sports club, a waiting room, … .

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Check Out

In the self-service store of the future, settlement or payment is also part of the equation.

Through the various possibilities of product recognition, you get an overview of what you have taken out, and you pay smoothly by tapping your payment card or using the payment app on your smartphone. If you don’t want to pay after the purchase, it is possible to link to a prepaid account, monthly statements, … depending on the application.

This is how, we are currently investing in the frictionless registration of traditional cash register systems thanks to product recognition at the Colruyt shops. This allows us to process large volumes and scan hands-free without a barcode reader. This enables us to register 15% faster for 75% of all store articles.


Secured access

If you want to equip a larger store with product identification, then secure access is definitely a must.

You gain secure access to the shop with your unique identification (loyalty card, a staff wristband, a QR code on your smartphone, etc.). You can easily open the cabinets or fridges with the same identification. The payment can also be linked to the same identification.

With these technologies, all sorts of variations are possible. Do you want a temporary shop at a festival or a compact shop on an industrial estate, anything is possible. Here too, Smart Technics can take care of the complete integration, including the housing.

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Product Recognition

The technology of product recognition is in full development. The examples play into product identification with the help of smart shelves. Meanwhile, within Smart Technics we are also working on all kinds of other applications and technologies with product recognition and monitoring of flows in the shop that allow us to save time and resources. Depending on expectations, these can also be integrated into the solution offered.


Digital Twin

At Smart Technics we work on the future. We help build future-proof shops, logistics centres and production facilities. More than ever, data plays an important role here and that is where a Digital Twin can help you. A Digital Twin, as the name suggests, is a digital copy of a physical thing. You can digitise a shop, a product or even a process by extracting data from it.

We often start by placing a variety of innovative sensors (Internet of Things), which enable us to see in real-time, with great accuracy, how certain processes are running. With this data, we can follow up processes, automate them and also run predictions and simulations.

A retailer is a gathering place of many processes and systems. There are often so many things going on at once that it is difficult for a store manager to keep an overview and to make the right decisions at the right time. By adding a digital layer, we ensure that a lot of choices are made easier. For example, we can monitor the stock situation live, based on measurements we can optimise product locations, we can use figures to monitor the effectiveness of marketing and by following up many KPI’s we ensure that our employees can perform the most relevant tasks at any time of the day.

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